Can I do Let's Launch Online Fast! if I already have a website?

    Absolutely! While everything in Let's Launch Online Fast builds up to creating an amazing new sales website, you can take everything you learn here and apply it to improving your existing website and making it more profitable. As well you can use what you build to test out new ideas before you put in on your main website.

    Does Let's Launch Online Fast include my domain and hosting? 

    Yes, it includes professional hosting for 1 year and one domain. ( A $240 value) If you already have a domain that’s fine we can use that too. If you don’t have a professional email connected with your domain that can be arranged for additional. After the year is over you will need to renew your hosting .

    Will I have access to my website as you progress? 

    You will have access to review the website for audits and sign off. Once we are completed you will have full access..

    What if I don’t want to do the updates later? 

    No problem. We can arrange to make updates on a monthly retainer basis. That way you can stay focused on your business growth.

    Are you designing my website or writing my copy for me?

    We will co-create. Although you are ultimately responsible for your copy I’ll create a rough draft outline to get you started. I’ll be by your side the whole time teaching you how to write your copy like a pro. (I swear, people will think you paid thousands!) This course walks you through blueprint copywriting strategy with everything you need to attract more leads and convert more ideal clients.

    How much time will I have with 2INSPIRU?

    Lots. This is a Done For You process. You however will need to be involved and committed. You'll have plenty of 2INSPIRU face time

    What's the launch schedule? Will it conflict with the holidays?

    The launch will take 14-21 days. (A normal website launch could take months) We will let you know the estimated launch date after you book with holidays taken into consideration.

    I know you are doing the website but much time should I expect to devote each week?

    You should plan to devote 2-3 hours/week for the first two weeks. This is partly in Discovery phase with the Q&A and partly some homework in gathering information, photos, graphics -completing the questionnaires and reviewing the site and providing feedback and creating and editing copy. The more you can do during this time the more time and money save for the future.

    I want to build an eCommerce site. Will Let's Launch Online Fast do that?

    Yes, your website can be a mini Commerce site. It’s ideally designed for 1 product or service to build your audience, your brand, your funnel and test product or service viability. But its possible to have a many eCommerce site with up to 4 Products.


    That said, as a beginning brand we recommend focusing on launching a killer brand and 1 page sales website FIRST and then adding more complex eCommerce as part of your Phase II. We focus on getting you BIG RESULTS in this program, so laying the foundation is key before you get complicated.

    Can you work on my existing site?

    We are focusing on beginners and a full circle strategy to get online fast and get results.

    We are only focusing on the those sites on our platform at this time. We can recommend some folks for you though!

    I live in Timbuktu, how is this going to work?

    As long as you have Internet service we are good

    I need my hand held

    This a a done for you service. Hand Officially Held ; )

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