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Sometimes...I run into a woman

I realize her talent and gift is so deep, so fun, interesting and wise

I want the whole world to know!

I run into a woman and while talking to her,
I realize her talent and gift is so deep, so fun, interesting and wise that I want all my other friends to know her too.
Heck, I want the whole
world to know about
how wonderful she is!

What’s interesting to me is sometimes she doesn’t realize that about herself and it’s overwhelming if I start saying right away - hey let’s get online you need a website! (Overwhelm!


See you later, yeah right- no thank you, no time, no energy, and this introvert is scared half to death of the thought of millions of people showing up at her door.)

I forgot to say it’s actually not that easy to have millions of people just come showing up at your door. ;)


Getting known is actually fairly hard. That said I still want people to know your beautiful self. How about 10 or 20 people more than you know right now?


Cause deep inside she knows I’m right. She is special and unique and that little quiet voice inside has been telling her there is something more to do.

It’s entirely possible that, that “ something more” can produce a few more coins in the pocket too.


I am working to overcome, come out, emerge from my cocoon and be my best self.

Any one else?


'On this journey of emerging from a chrysalis to a butterfly?

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