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Bees are Attracted to Beautiful Blooms

Be You!

What happens when you have a setback?

You’ve got an idea, a vision a plan. Maybe the funds didn’t come in like you planned. Or it hasn’t happened the way you thought it would. Maybe you got to regroup. Just keep on being you. Keep on going because YOU are the special ingredient here.
Not perfect, may quirky but beautiful you. You’ve made it this far with ideas and thoughts and accomplishments you have had. The one common ingredient? You being uniquely YOU.

Be A Beautiful Bloom that Bees are attracted to:

You have a great idea to sell a product, service, book or idea. Great! Now how do you get it up there, describe it so they buy it, tell people about it, Make it look cool. Will people buy from you?


Good News for you. People want to buy from a real person

How do you compete against an Amazon or Google or Walmart?
Again the trick is it’s because You are the only You there is and ever will be.

One of the reasons people buy online is they have the opportunity to buy based on price or based on uniqueness.


The advantage of online is you have is the potential reach of millions of people. But it’s likely you only need a relative few percentage wise to make a living.

Only you can offer your service, knowledge, gift or idea the way you can.
And out of those millions, a percentage of those is bound to like the way you do it and what you have to offer.

This is the good news, you don’t have to have the whole world like you. Really a relative few.
Your only job is to be the true you that you can be.


A beautiful flower and then the right BEE will be attracted to your essence. Win win.

The bee enjoys your nectar and pollinates so you flourish and reproduce more flowers and he goes home and makes beautiful honey.

Just be the beautiful bloom you were meant to be and you will attract those who are attracted to you.


Yes, you need the tools and make-up, and paint to make a beautiful internet space to tell your story.

And you can get help with that.


I believe strongly that everyone should have access to technology to help fulfill our dreams.

When I started out the challenge was to get everyone access to a desktop computer. Now everyone has a computer in their backpocket or purse and the challenge is to use for producing income not just being an income source for someone else.


In spite of having that technology in our pocket it is still a challenge to use it. To understand all the parts and pieces involved and in what order to do it.


No longer do you need to know all the gobbledygook of Coding. There are now sites that you can create the website yourself like Wix, or Weebly or the one I currently use Strikingly.


It doesn't matter which one you use. The idea is really knowing how and what to use and when. What to write and what images use? How do I tell my story and what am I about?

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at it, it is possible to start out doing it yourself. Bit by bit, get some help and support.


What's holding you back?

Shoot me a note at here

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